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September’s Prompt: You Are Not Alone


You are not alone.

Life can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, other mental health challenges, or thoughts of suicide. Where can you turn when you need someone to talk to? There are many resources available, but not everyone knows about them.

Remember Logic’s 2017 hit song about the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline? On the day of its release, the song “1-800-273-8255” brought the second-highest number of calls that the Lifeline has ever had, and increased visitors to the website over the following months. You can make a huge difference in helping youth know about resources that are available to them, too.

This month, learn about resources available to young people, and promote it through art, music, film, or any other creative ways you can think of.

Step 1: Get creative

Here are some ideas:

  • Create a piece of art promoting the phone number or resource in a creative way. This is less about creating a flyer or poster, but a creative expression of the actual phone number and/or reasons to reach out for help.
  • Share a personal story or reasons for why a young person should reach out for help.
  • Create a 30 or 60-second PSA: (These entries will also be entered into our annual Film Contest). Create a 60-second film that shares information about the importance of reaching out for support and information about the Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Note: All film submissions should align with messaging guidelines found in the Suicide Prevention submission category of our website.

Step 2: Select a resource to promote

  • Teen Line: Offers confidential resources for teenagers, the Teen Line volunteers who answer the calls, emails and texts are California teenagers who received specialized training. No problem is too small, too large, or too shocking for the Teen Line volunteers.
    • Call 1-800-852-8336 (from 6pm to 10pm PST)
    • Text TEEN to 839863 from 6pm to 9pm PST)
  • Crisis Text Line: Connect with a crisis counselor 24/7 to receive high quality text-based mental health support and crisis intervention.
    • Text HOME to 741741
  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 24-hour, toll free, confidential suicide prevention hotline available to anyone in suicidal crisis or emotional distress.
    • 1800-273-TALK (8255)
  • Trans Lifeline: A 24/7 lifeline run by and for trans people, providing direct emotional and financial support to trans people in crisis.
    • (877) 565-8860
  • The Trevor Lifeline: The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing 24/7 crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) young people ages 13-24.
    • 866-488-7386

More resources about suicide prevention:

Submissions due September 31!  Submit your work here.

If you are experiencing an emotional crisis, are thinking about suicide or are concerned about a friend call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline immediately: 1-800-273-8255This is a free 24-hour hotline.
The contest is part of Each Mind Matters: California's Mental Health Movement and statewide efforts to prevent suicide, reduce stigma and discrimination related to mental illness, and to promote the mental health and wellness of students. These initiatives are funded by counties through the Mental Health Services Act (Prop 63) and administered by the California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA), an organization of county governments working to improve mental health outcomes for individuals, families and communities. The program is implemented by Your Social Marketer, Inc.
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