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Directing Change is an evaluated suicide prevention and mental health program with the mission to educate young people about critical health topics through art and promote social justice and health by changing conversations in schools and communities.
Monthly Art and Film Contest
  • Open to youth ages 12-25
  • Deadline: September 30, 2022
  • Free to participate
  • Amazon Gift Cards (up to $300)
  • All art forms accepted (visual art, film, written works, TikTok, original music and more)
  • September Prompt: Think about what your anchor is when you are going through a tough time. How does it remind you to stay hopeful? Then express it through art, writing, music or film.
  • TikTok Challenge: Create a TikTok about what you might add to your own Find Your Anchor box. All TikToks that follow the guidelines receive a $20 gift card and enter to win $100 grand prize!
  • Request a Find Your Anchor box for yourself or your classroom! Send an email with the subject “Directing Change” to findyouranchor@gmail.com.

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September Monthly Prompt:
Find Your Anchor

Submission Categories: Hope, Justice, or Monthly Prompt

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Annual Film Contest
  • Open to Middle, High School and College Students (12-25)
  • Deadline: March 1, 2023
  • Free to participate
  • Cash prizes for youth (up to $1000)
  • Regional winners advance to statewide round of judging
  • Award Ceremony in May

Submission Categories

  • Suicide Prevention
  • Mental Health
  • Through the Lens of Culture
  • Walk in Our Shoes
  • Animated Short
  • Hope and Justice

“New Beginning”

Heritage High School

Filmmaker: Genesis Morales

News and Awards

Mini Grant Applications for the 2022-23 School Year Now Open!

Schools can apply for mini grants to implement the Directing Change program in a classroom on campus or as part of a youth-led club.

Eligible Organizations: Middle schools, high schools, colleges, community organizations, and youth clubs. Participating youth should be in grades 6-12 or ages 12-25. Public, private, and charter schools and districts are all eligible to apply.

Mini Grant Funding: $1,500

Interested? Submit application by Friday, September 16, 2022: directingchangeca.org/2023-directing-change-mini-grant-application/

Riverside County Students Recognized for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Achievements

The Directing Change Program & Film Contest announced the regional finalists in the 10th annual student contest encouraging young people to create short films and about suicide prevention and mental health.

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Statewide Winners Announced in Annual Directing Change Film Contest

Statewide winners in the Through the Lens of Culture, Hope & Justice, Animated Short and Walk in Our Shoes categories were announced by the Directing Change Program & Film Contest at the virtual awards ceremony!

  • First Place Through the Lens of Culture: Polytechnic High School “Solitude”
  • Second Place Through the Lens of Culture: Murrieta Valley High School “El Secreto”
  • Third Place Through the Lens of Culture: Valley View High School “Vergüenza”
  • Fifth Place Through the Lens of Culture – TIED: Ramona High School “Transposed”
  • First Place Hope & Justice – Hope – TIED: David A Brown Middle School “White Noise”
  • Second Place Hope & Justice – Hope: David A Brown Middle School “Redefined Hope”
  • Fifth Place Animated Short – TIED: Eleanor Roosevelt High School “Out to Sea”
  • Fourth Place Walk in Our Shoes – The Superhero in Each of Us: Mountain View Middle School “Basketball Hero”
  • Third Place Walk in Our Shoes – What is Mental Health & Words Matter – TIED: David A Brown Middle School “Unfiltered”
  • Fourth Place Walk in Our Shoes – What is Mental Health & Words Matter: David A Brown Middle School “Consider The Following”