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Location Contract

Permission is hereby granted to  (hereinafter referred to as “Producer”), to use the property and adjacent area, located at

for the purpose of photographing and recording scenes (interior and/or exterior) for motion pictures with the right to exhibit and license others to exhibit all or any part of said scenes in motion pictures throughout the world; said permission shall include the right to bring personnel and equipment (including props and temporary sets) onto said property, and to remove the same therefrom after completion of work.

The above permission is granted for a period of days starting  and is granted free of charge. The Producer hereby agrees to hold the undersigned harmless of and from any and all liability and loss which the undersigned may suffer, or incur by reason of any accident or other damages to the said premises, caused by any of their employees or equipment, on or about the above-mentioned premises, ordinary wear and tear of the premises in accordance with this agreement excepted.

The undersigned does hereby warrant and represent that the undersigned has full right and authority to enter into this agreement concerning the above-described premises, and that the consent or permission of no other person, firm, or corporation, is necessary in order to enable the Producer to enjoy full rights to the use of said premises, herein above mentioned, and the undersigned does hereby indemnify and agree to hold Producer free and harmless from and against any and all loss, costs, liability, damages, or claims of any nature, including but not limited to attorney’s fees, arising from, growing out of, or concerning a breach of the above warranty.


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