2022 Regional Judging - Walk In Our Shoes

  • Dear Judge,

    We encourage you to seek personal support if you become troubled by the content of this category. If you experience an emotional crisis, there are people available to help you at
    1-800-273-TALK (8255).

    The entry you are judging is a 60-second film in the Walk in Our Shoes Category. This category is only open to middle school students. When you are judging these films remember that they were created by young people around the ages of 12 to 15. Students were asked to make a film about one of these topics:

    • THE SUPERHERO IN EACH OF US: STRENGTHS, PURPOSE, AND WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE LOSE THEM. Every superhero has a strength, or something that they are especially great at. These strengths can often feel like a person’s purpose, or reason for them to be alive… but what happens when someone loses this strength or purpose? Create a film that looks at the world through someone else’s eyes and shows the challenges that someone might face if they feel like they have lost their strength or reason for their life. How can someone tell that a person may no longer want to live? What could an ordinary person do to help?
    • WHAT IS MENTAL HEALTH. We talk a lot about physical health, but what about mental health? What does that look like: Are you happy all the time? Can you be mentally healthy if you’ve had a mental illness? Are there things you can do to improve your mental health like you do for your physical health, or is it something only a professional can do? Create a film that teaches people the truth about what mental health is,or teaches them how someone can build better mental health.
    • WORDS MATTER. We’ve probably all casually thrown around words like “crazy” in everyday life when we were talking about something else. But how does that make you feel if you, or someone you care about, is dealing with a mental illness? Does that make you feel like you can talk about what you’re going through or does it make you feel ashamed or different from others? The words you use can have a big impact. Even if you know they are untrue, labels that people throw around can still hurt and make you feel disconnected from everyone else. Your film should tell a story that encourages people to use kind and accurate words to talk about mental health.

    At any point if you are experiencing technical difficulties with the website, or have questions regarding the category description, please contact one of our team members.

    Shanti - shanti@directingchange.org (619.786.5622)
    Devin - devin@directingchange.org (858.324.4846)
    Emma - emma@directingchange.org (707.394.8708)

    In advance, we appreciate your time.

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    The Superhero in US



    Description from the submitter

    For our video, we wanted to give people an inside look as to why others bully and take lunch money.

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  • Safe Messaging Scoring Measures

  • 1. Does the film include a message about at least one action that someone can take to help someone else or themselves?

    Think of it this way: After someone watches this film what are they asked to do? Will they film inspire them to feel, act or think differently? We would like the films to be action oriented and encourage change and support. For example, where to get help, how to offer support to someone, how to get involved or learn more information. We have asked our young film makers to be creative: To not just tell someone what to do, but show them how to do this.

    Here are a few examples:
    • Learn where to find support (like hotlines that are available 24/7)
    • Change the words you use to talk about mental illness
    • Support someone going through a difficult time
    • Speak up when others aren’t supportive
    • Tell a trusted adult if someone is talking about suicide or is harming themselves
    • Start conversations about mental health on campus or with friends to make it easier for others to talk about what they’re feeling and get support
    • Don’t wait — get help from a professional if you’re struggling with mental health challenge.