Hope and Justice Judging Form

  • Dear Judge,

    The entries you are judging are submission in the Hope/Justice/Monthly Prompt category. Entries in this category deal with a variety of topics including mental health, social justice and other complex topics that need to be addressed with compassion and knowledge. For this category we asked youth to communicate about what they are feeling, increase knowledge about an issue or take a stand against injustice, or share their perspective in a way that gives others a glimpse into their lives. While some youth submit entries share ideas for solutions to the issues of concern, others used this as an opportunity to process their feelings in a therapeutic way. We welcome all types of submissions. In our submission criteria, we remind youth that whatever message they choose, their submissions need to be thoughtful and respectful. We asked youth to be honest about their feelings, but to be sure their entries convey that they are coming from a place of cultural humility and has the intent to further understanding and constructive dialogue about social justice and change. So, as a judge please score each of these entries based on how well they conveyed their messages and followed these guidelines.

    At any point if you are experiencing technical difficulties with the website, or have questions regarding the category, please email Shanti@DirectingChange.org or call (619) 786-5622.

    We encourage you to seek personal support if you become troubled by the content of this category. If you experience an emotional crisis, there are people available to help you at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

    In advance, we appreciate your time.

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    Hope Where The Heart Lives

    Description from the submitter

    My entry describes my personal experiences .My entry relates back to the criteria because I created it with sentimental purpose to inspire other student like me to not give up in life .Other students and I are in financial and emotional help. With this video my purpose is to inspire others in the same situation as me and to encourage theme to persevere anything in life.What helped me in tough times was to stay hopefully listen to music , writing and going for a walk or watching a sunset. What I experience in my community as this time that is hope , small protest that demand going back to school and to end discrimination .

  • Messaging Scoring Measures

  • Please enter a number from 0 to 25.

    Hope for Change: Asks youth to explore hope or justice related to change and mental health while prominently and creatively integrating the lime green ribbon as a symbol of mental health.

    “As spring approaches, you may notice the seasons changing by new flowers blooming or the arrival of butterflies. Change is an inevitable part of life, but this year in particular has brought many unexpected challenges. Reflect on the ways that you have adapted to change and grown as a person.”

    Some ideas/prompts provided to youth:

    • - What do you think can be done so that there can be real change towards better mental health and reducing stigma within your community? Share your thoughts on actions that individuals, families, communities or organizations can or should take to make a difference.
    • - Look back on who you were a year ago and the person you are today. How do these two versions of yourself compare?
    • - Looking forward, as a result of adversity or difficult times you experienced over the past year, how have you changed?
    • - Imagine giving advice to your past self about a challenging situation you went through. What would you say to yourself?
    • - Share a positive change you have made in your life and how you worked toward that goal.
    • - Explore the healthy ways that you have used to cope with change during the past year.

  • Please enter a number from 0 to 15.
    The lime green ribbon represents mental health awareness. Youth were asked to incorporate the green ribbon creatively into their entry.
  • Please enter a number from 0 to 20.
    *Remember: With everything going on in the world right now, this category asks youth to share what they are experiencing, how they are copying, and to explore what drives them to stay hopeful for the future, through creation of their project. This category is an opportunity for youth living through history to use their feelings and voices to encourage purposeful action and to start conversations that matter. This category also accepts submissions from a wide age range (from 12 years old to 25 years old), so the quality and content of some projects may reflect this and should be considered when scoring.

    Please also note that most submissions are being created by youth at home, without the technology or support they may have in a traditional classroom setting.

  • Technical and Creative Scoring Measures

  • Please enter a number from 0 to 15.
    How well does the submission show unique or creative interpretation of the topic addressed? (This is less about content, but about the creativity used to communicate the content.)
  • Please enter a number from 0 to 15.
    - If a film or TikTok – consider the focus, exposure, audio clarity, use of graphics and/or special effects, pacing and flow. - If a painting, digital art, sketch, comic, animation, or other 2-D art – consider the skill in use of line, color, form, texture, perspective, visual rhythm, etc. - If a radio PSA – consider the pace, clarity of messaging, use of music or sound effects, overall flow of script, etc. - If original music – consider the clarity, rhythm, musical and/or mechanical skill, phrasing, etc. - If a blog, poem, spoken word, essay or other narrative – consider the structure, grammar, word choice, flow, rhyme scheme, expressiveness, etc.
  • Please enter a number from 0 to 5.
  • Please enter a number from 0 to 5.
If you are experiencing an emotional crisis, are thinking about suicide or are concerned about a friend call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline immediately: 1-800-273-8255This is a free 24-hour hotline.
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